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About Us

We are one of the most experienced breeders in the southeast with recommendations from the AKC. There are many famous champions behind our line.  We are very passionate about the Standard Poodle. Our Poodles are the healthiest, best tempered, and their beauty is absolutely stunning.  We are often imitated, but never equaled.

Adding a Standard Poodle to your family is like gaining a new best friend.  Poodles are highly spirited and enjoy play time.  Life with a Standard  will be filled with one surprise after another.  They can live happily with respectful, gentle children.  Puppies aren't just cute, they also have a great personality.  Our puppies have lots of love to offer, which makes them an ideal choice for a great companion.  They have a marvelous sense of humor and intelligence that will always keep you entertained.  Poodles want to be where the action is---especially if it is where the people are!

Your life will never be the same when blessed with a “Gályn’s Standard Poodle.”

Our Breeding Process


It starts with the carefully selected stud, and continues through the birth and raising the litter. Both parents are genetically tested for inherited diseases prior to the breeding.

Each and every puppy is cared for with lots of love. The house breaking and training process starts early.  MOST IMPORTANTLY, your puppy will have had a wonderful beginning in our home.

We stand behind our dogs. They come with a health guarantee and a complete portfolio, which includes photos, pedigrees, copies of genetic testing of the parents, etc. Only a certified veterinarian has examined and immunized your puppy, and we also provide a lifetime genetic guarantee.

We breed whites, creams, or blacks, and they are all reasonably priced.







People of all ages love our Poodles, and our Poodles love them!!!